Never had a comment dismissed so hard that it's hidden from private view before.

Jesus Diaz is often criticized for not doing research, posting too quickly, etc.. A lot of commenters over on Sploid/Gizmodo have always been quick to point that stuff out.

I thought I would have a little fun with it and pick apart the A-Team reference and write a few paragraphs of what BA would, and wouldn't do in that situation, then offer a suggestion on which other vehicle would be better suited.

Thinking it was funny, I shared it here to Oppo. I assumed he would find it funny too, since I went all nerdy with cheesy 80s action show trivia.


Guess not. The comment will not display any more, so I'm guessing he probably didn't even read it, and just deleted/dismissed it. I can't even get it to display when I view my private page. It's still in Kinja somehwere, but it's hidden. I can't even edit the comment to get my text back out of it. :(


Every other comment on the article is angry accusations of racism, so he must be just sorting through comments, in a fury of dismissal of anything.

Booo, Jesus.. Booooooo

Edit - I think I remembered it.

Again, Jesus, you haven't done your homework.


BA would never hurt his van. He would unholster and squeeze out no less than 50-60 9mm rounds from his Smith & Wesson 639 (as seen below from Season 2's "Semi-Friendly Persuasion".) and shoot out exactly two tires of the police car, ending the pursuit.

Even though he is a master mechanic, and is capable of fixing anything with farm tools and a cylinder of propane, would not jeopardize the mission or his fellow soldiers. BA knows the importance of his equipment. He knows that you can not complete a mission with a bent track rod, a flat tire, leaking radiator, and the loss of R-12 refrigerant.

Besides, he loves the van too much to use it in that manor.

I believe you meant to reference Michael Knight, as I believe the Knight Industries Two-Thousand would be better suited for the PIT maneuver.

You see, KITT is armored with "Tri-Helical Plasteel 1000 MBS" (Molecular Bonded Shell) plating which protects him from almost all forms of conventional firearms and explosive devices. He could only be harmed by heavy artillery and rockets, and even then, the blast usually left most of his body intact and only damaged internal components. The shell protected every part of the car including the tires.

As a result, KITT's body is durable enough to act as a shield for explosives by driving over bombs to cover them and suppress the blast, ram through rigid barriers of strong material like cinder block walls or steel gates without suffering damage himself while damage to the car's structural integrity with its frequent long jumps on turbo boost is never an issue. The shell also protected him from fire and electricity; however, it was vulnerable to some potent acids and at least one formula was made (with knowledge of the shell's chemical base) to completely neutralize it.


Concerned that he had removed my comment without reading it, I made sure he had the opportunity.


I should probably follow up and make sure he got it.