Needless to say, this last Sunday’s planned ride didn’t end up working out.

I’m so used to tires squaring off long before they actually run out of tread that I assumed this one was fine because it was still more or less round. Check your tires well, homeboys.


Also, what’s with the cords only showing on part of the circumference? The only thing I can possibly think of is an off-balance wheel/tire, but I think I would /notice/ that.

3200 miles seems a bit low to have toasted a dual-compound sport tire, but this bike DID spend it’s first 1600 miles as a demo, and it was hardly an easy life. Also, (145hp/97tq)* is asking quite a lot of a rear tire.

I kind of just feel compelled to fill this space now. How has your day been? Have you hugged your Child/Dog/Childog today?

*official figures at sea level, I’m at 7000 feet so who knows.