I wasn’t feeling too hot last night, so I went to bed early. My awesome wife even let me sleep in this morning and handled the kids on her own. Unfortunately I was rousted about 20 minutes later by my 3-year old who said, “Daddy, the house is broken.”

Balls. I dragged myself out of bed, threw on some clothes, and stumbled downstairs. As soon as I get downstairs, I know why I’m there. It’s cold as fuck down there (side note: the second floor of our bungalow, which just had my out master suite and office in it, has a separate furnace). The furnace is blowing cold air.

I threw some shoes on and staggered into the basement. No flame, no pilot light. Tried relighting it, no dice. I figured it needs a new thermocouple, and Dr. Google concurred.

Ok, no problem. I put pants on dammit and headed to Ace Hardware a few blocks away. Shit, not open until 9 am.


Fuck, off to Home Depot, the official store of having everything except what you need and nobody who can actually help you. Much to my pleasant surprise, I quickly found someone who knew exactly what it was, and took me right to a bunch of them. $11.28 later and I’m headed home. Sweet!

I spent 10 minutes looking up videos for how to replace a thermocouple (none of which were helpful), and two minutes actually replacing it.


Showtime. Feeling pretty good about myself. Shit, pilot light won’t stay on. The directions on the furnace say to hold the reset button down for a full minute, I do it for two minutes. Repeat. Cures. Repeat. Don’t curse because my daughter came down. Repeat....

All signs point to a bad control valve, not a DIY job. It’s not cold enough to be worth paying for a Sunday service call, so we’ll be camping out upstairs and I took off tomorrow for a service call.


The good news is I’m feeling fine physically. Also, I could be buried like so many of you on the East coast, do I won’t bitch anymore :)