This day certainly took an unexpected turn.

RIP, Toyota Sienna. You were the best minivan I could imagine. My kids called it the “land yacht.” Pour one out, Oppo.

Sadly, the accident was my wife’s fault. She did not see a stop sign on a country road and hit a large pickup. Fortunately, he was wearing a seat belt and she hit him on the passenger side. No one was hurt, but as you can see, full airbag deployment. Sienna is dunzo. She thinks I am upset that she caused this accident.


This is why we have insurance. A car can be replaced, she can’t be. I can’t be upset. I am so relieved that she is ok; we will figure out the rest. I am more upset that I cracked a molar while I was typing this and am going to need some dental work.

Ok Oppo, get started. I have good credit and make pretty good money. My wife is a special education teacher with about a 20-30 minute commute. We have 2 teen boys (almost 16 and just turned 13). We like family road trips (we are doing Grand Canyon in April) and Toby, who weighs 30-35 lbs, travels with us.

We loved the Sienna for its space and versatility, as we had removable reclining captain’s chairs in the back.


AWD was a great bonus for winter adventures (we live a little over an hour from Yosemite).

The van was handy for moving my Halloween stuff back and forth to storage.

What should be my wife’s next vehicle?