Well Shit

crunchy crunchy, at least it missed the mirror and the door handles and glass are ok.

I clipped a parking lot light pole base in my wife’s Impreza, not even doing anything fun.

I was looking at our daughter in the rear view mirror, out of my periphery I saw the yellow bollard go past and I must have assumed I was at the end of the row, looked left and the was no traffic started the turn, looked at the mirror again to talk to the kid once more and clipped the light pole base.


Apparently, they put the bollards a few feet back from the light pole bases but they don’t put them after they bases. Suffice to say, Wife is pissed, our daughter is OK though and only said “What Noise?” as the body work crunched into the pole.

Any guesses on how much this will cost to repair?

The area in front of the rear wheel, it is pushed inward and the paint took a real beating, the door latches and is still water tight.

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