Well shit.

Fabricator flaked on me. I had an appointment to get a work vehicle wrapped on Friday, which I will now have to cancel because I can’t get an exterior door made in time. Thanks “525 Enginesports”. Now I’m going to have to be the asshole that cancels an appointment because you couldn’t meet a deadline for a small job.

Look at this and tell me how much time you think it would take to make. The door below was damaged and needs to be replaced. The handle is in perfect shape and can be reused, and besides that, the door consists solely of white aluminum sheet, some square tubing, and rivets. Oh and the hinge that connects the door to the truck is in perfect shape too.


I’ve got all measurements needed to recreate it, and was thinking a professional could whip something up in about 2 hours? Is that crazy? Am I expecting too much? Fab shop seemed to think this was super complex, wasn’t willing to give a hard quote, and was throwing out numbers like “half a day”, “most of the day”, “$300 in parts alone”.

I’m almost positive I could source all the raw materials for under $100. I’ve never welded, but I think I could make my own door in a somewhat robust way through other methods, while still aestheticly matching the rest of the truck on the exterior...


What say you, Oppo?

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