Well, shit.

The Honda started tapping fairly loudly as I was finishing up a ride the other day. Sounded more like a top end rather than a bottom end issue. Went to adjust the valves this morning, and there were steel shavings mixed in with the oil in the valve cover. Not good. Adjusted the left side, went to do the right side and the engine seized. The pistons will move, but when the crank gets to a certain spot it hits a brick wall. I’m gonna head to the local moto junk yard on Tuesday to look for a new engine. It has bot been a good week.


In better news, I’m babysitting this pretty girl for the week. She was best buds with Brutus. We almost lost her a few years ago, but she miraculously overcame some pretty aggressive cancer. She’s the last of the Brindle Brigade.

Oppo, we must repent. We have angered the moto gods, both old and new.

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