Well, Shit

Trying to lower our TV bill, so I made a call to Dish yesterday. After spending time with Mario at customer loyalty, we came away with a one-year deal at a reduced rate, with a $13/mo sports package free for a year. Savings of about $40/mo. That’s the good news.

Despite having the sports package, one of the channels, Fox Sports 2, wasn’t working. So I called and they did some mummery on their end and told me to unplug/replug the box. I did, and the HD failed. And I still don’t have the channel. Everything that I had recorded is now gone.


In a way, it’s not that horrible a thing. Some of the movies we recorded had been on there for years and we’d never watched them. Others I had already transferred to an external drive. And the receiver was about 15 years old, so it was probably due. To their credit, Dish is expediting a new receiver at no charge, even though we don’t have the protection plan. And, having all of those movies was one of the things that was making me drag my feet on ditching cable. Now, when our year is up, we’ll take a look at the lie of the land and make a final decision on cutting the cord.

Maybe this was serendipity. 

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