Illustration for article titled Well Shit. [UPDATE: WORSE THAN EXPECTED]

UPDATE: Mechanic just called. Diagnosis is catastrophic engine failure due to oil starvation (no CEL for that, oil gauge showed the levels being fine). An engine bearing became toast and destroyed everything around it. Either replace the engine for about $13,000, or send it to the salvage yard and take a few hundred bucks. Since I do numbers for a living, the only choice that makes sense is to send it to the junkyard and take the hit. I wonder if this is tax deductible?



That’s the hood on my CTS up after my engine made horrible noises and began to sputter. Had to get towed to the mechanic. Pretty sure this is going to be expensive.


This sucks because this Cadillac is my dream car. I loved the second generation’s design, inside and out. It isn’t the V, but it has the DI engine which is plenty peppy. But now, I’m pretty sure I’ll be trading it in within the next month.

I can’t keep dropping four digits into this car every few months. Done.

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