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Well Shit [Update]

So right about the time the pandemic started, I developed some severe lower abdominal pain. I had some inflamation in the left groin area and figured I had another groin hernia - I’d had one on the right side about 12 years ago with similar symptoms so I figured that’s what this was.

I talked to my regular doctor about it and his advice was to take it easy, don’t do any strenuous stuff, and try to ride it out till things calm down and I can get a consult to see a surgeon. Well the last 2 days I’ve been in agony and my better half finally convinced me to go to the ER.

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Well they ran some tests and SURPRISE! Appendicitis!!! I may be going under the knife tonight, if my COVID test come back negative.


As an aside, holy shit, the rapid COVID test isn’t fun! They shove a plastic swab up your nose for 20 seconds, on each side. It feels like a needle about to rip through your sinuses and into your eyeballs.

Update: Apparently its pretty bad, they want this appendix out tonight, so Im going in for surgery in about an hour.

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