If you know me at all, it comes as no surprise when I crash mountain biking. This time especially sucked because I was having a phenomenal ride on the Wasatch Crest. It rained the day before so the dirt was packed and tacky and I was just feeling really confident... I know, I know ... confidence is not necessarily a good thing.

In my attempt to avoid some tubeless tire puncturing granite rock took my attention away for the tree to my right. The handle bar jerked clockwise and threw me from my bike. I landed on my right shoulder blade and barrel rolled to my feet. I look in the woods below and my from wheel is tacoed. It was worse than in the picture because luckily my 250 lbs friend was able to use his body mass to bend the wheel so that it would at least roll in the fork. I looked at my helmet and it was cracked in multiple locations when I got back to my truck. I think things could have been much worse. My shoulder is sore and I have so pretty good road rash.