What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

Looks like my plans for a triumph have been axed. simply too much money (18k BEFORE tax, title, reg, deliverly etc etc..lets call it..20K.)

no way can I make that kinda of money, or be able to justify spending ALL of it on a bike. dam.


this exists: the 4th gen Kawasaki Z1000

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no its not a top tier olhins equiped monster...but its also only 13K MSRP...5K LESS then the triumph.

I could probably find a really good one for under 10K in 2-3 years time...and with that left over budget, it would go into:

akrapovic headers (700)
akrapovic megaphone silp ons (600)
K&n air filter (50)
PCV (300)
frame/axle sliders (400)
new turn signals all around (60)
fender eliminator (200)
tech spec tank pads (100)
LED frame lighting (yea, i know, i'm immature and like the fast and the furious) (100)

so thats 2500 in aftermarket parts (lets call it 3K to account for shipping and everything)....+ 10k for the bike. 13k for a akra equiped, 1L, 140+HP mean machine...

only question is...do I go for one silver/green like in the pictures, or do I stick to the all black like my current bike and get red accenting for it?

as for the SV...it would probably get stripped down, lightened, and turned into a track rat. bye bye ABS (on SV), hello 700CC build :P

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