Took today off to work in the Volvo. It needs to pass safety one last time before the practice is abolished in the state of Utah. My wife now working weekends means I am often too busy to wrench when I normally would.

Anywho, I was all ready to pass a few weeks ago when I started my car on a Saturday morning to find (or feel) that an engine mount had failed. Don’t get me started on how dumb it is that I can fail safety for that. I ordered an entire set of mounts, as they were all pretty old and I couldn’t quite pinpoint which one was the culprit anyway. I started with the torque strut mount, as it was by far the easiest being the most accessible and not requiring supporting the engine.

Got it out, tried to see if I could find any play or damage. Looked fine, I shrugged, tossed it aside, and put the new one in.

Started the girl just to see, and bingo! No more rumble! Now I can put the rest of that off and see about fixing my AC. After that, maybe even give the Bronco some love.