Well Shit, these have depreciated nicely.

I’ve been looking at getting a Mercedes Benz daily driver for a few months now and was really close to just doing what Tavarish did and getting either an S500 or S600, then I ran into this bad boy

MERCEDES BENZ CLS 550 2007/ LOW MILES/ FULLY LOADED -$13900 (Portland)


It’s in my color too 😊😊😊

13900 is about 4-5 grand more than I’m willing to pay but I’m finding some nice examples in that price range along the west coast.

I think this might be the make and model of my next daily driver friends. But what do you think? Did the CLS age gracefully or nah? Does it look like a sweet budget fast back on par with a Panamera? Let me know and let drool over some of these pictures


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