Guess I’ll just hop on this band wagon while it’s still hot, or whatever. DB11 so it’s technically topical and I won’t get banned again 

Fore warning, I suck at actually telling stories and I’ve never actually shared this one with anyone, apart from the OGs who were there. Also as many details will be omitted as possible to obfuscate the particulars of who, what, when where. Also I didn’t double check any of this so expect gratuitous grammatical errors.  

So anyway. Sometime early on in high school, maybe sophomore year, somethings lead to another and some friends and I started a hobby of breaking into abandoned buildings.

The first time I actually didn’t go or know about it till afterwards, but essentially 4 people broke into a building and stole all the fire extinguishers, took them to the other side of town and had a ‘fight’ with them. Of the four, only one had a car, this will be important later.


The next time they bring me along and it’s the same process, but with a different building, we play with the extinguishers this time but I was shown the location of the field from last time.

Now the third outing. We go back to the first building, but this time with me. We go to the exact same window as the first time (when I wasn’t there) and our “leader”starts freaking the fuck out.


We ask him what’s up and he points down inside the window. On the floor were the 4 or 5 spent extinguishers from the first visit, the one’s that were used and dumped in the field on the other side of town. Now our “leader” was the only one with a car, so the only one who had the means to bring back the old extinguishers and place them through the window they came in. However he was ruled out as a suspect, because he was a staunch atheist and pratically had an existential crisis because of this. Because this happened in a town that’s absolutely dead after 10 o’clock. There’s no way someone saw them break in, followed them to the field, then picked up the old extinguishers and brought them back to the exact same window. Our only explanation was ghosts, which may seem like jumping to conclusions, but wait, this is just getting started.

So now we go back to building #2, the first one I went with them on, we don’t fuck with much really were just checking shit out. Keep in mind this was like some old clinic or medical facility, there was just something weird about the place. One thing I distinctly remember was a desk a waiting room. It had a pitcher on it filled with some thick and extremely gross brown substance in, I started opening the drawers and found one that had about 10-12 spent shotgun shells in it. At first I didn’t think twice about, then was like “WTF are these doing here!!???”


We search on and start a method of marking the doors of rooms we’ve explored with a sharpie marker. A little while later some get’s super freaked out, so we go to check on them. They’d gone into a room and in it was, a dressed CPR doll sitting in a chair looking at the door, a case of viles that had blood in them, and the blinds were all fucked up and had brown or red handprints on them. Now keep in mind these were the only full viles in the entire building. All the other ones we found were empty. Well anyway we laugh it off and continue exploring. The rest of the night being uneventful.

The next day at school a cop walks into my classroom, looks at a piece of paper and calls my name. I go out into the hall with her and there’s one other student with her. Both of them seemed very serious and I was starting to become pretty jittery thinking this student heard about our adventures and tattled on us. The cop leads us to an office in the school I’d never been in before, assuming it was the cop’s. Anyway then an old lady comes out of a back room with some papers and two cups and tells us we’re taking a piss test! I couldn’t believe it. The whole way over there I’d been thinking about how I’d tell this to my Mom and what they’d be charging me with!



We go back a few weeks later (to the building with the CPR doll) and decide to check out the creepy room again, the last time we had specially marked it, we get there and this time the CPR doll is gone. Now keep in mind all of these are completely abandoned building, no night watchman and no one checking them out or working on them during the day. We continue to search the building and find the CPR doll again, once again, sitting in a chair looking at the door. So we get the fuck out of there thoroughly crept out.


A few days later our my friends (thankfully without me this time) are driving by this building during the day when they notice a white van out front and people moving equipment out of it into the building. One of them get’s the bright idea to go up to talk to them to see what’s going on, but everyone (stupidly) goes along with him.

He goes up and says,

“Hello, my name’s [redacted] what’s up? I though this place was abandoned?”

They politely explain that they’re private investigators hired because someone had been breaking into the place. Then they ask for everyone in the groups name and for a picture with them in front of his car with the license plate visible. They go along with it figuring it’ll look real suspicious if they refuse (In hindsight I don’t think the PI’s ever really suspected them, they probably just did that just to see their reactions, in which case they performed flawlessly.)


A few weeks later our dumbasses decide to go back again, we split up into two groups to try to cover more area. That night went pretty uneventful, but when we regrouped, the other group asked us if we climbed onto the roof. We said no, because none of us had and they start to freak out. Saying that they heard someone walking above them, but they assumed it was us. Also we checked on the last room we’d seen the CPR doll, and it was gone. We didn’t bother looking for it and GTFOT.

So later we regale this tale, and many others I left out because this is long enough, to two other friends who up till now new nothing about this saga. So a few night later they decide to go on their own. (Keep in mind through this whole period we’d been seeing the PI’s van there during the day.) Anyway the key thing is the broke a whole in one of the walls with a crow bar for easier access somewhere. Then covered the whole with a book case and tossed the crowbar into a dumpster in a different part of town.


They told us all this so we decide to go back to check out what they’d done. We find the hole they made, but the bookcase they’d pushed over was removed and the crow bar they’d used was propped up against the hole. Although this might not sound like much, the two guys mentioned early were much more upstanding guys than we were, and we trusted them that they’d covered the whole back up, because we knew they were just as serious about covering their tracks (as best we though) as we were. We figure it wasn’t the PIs who could’ve moved the bookshelf, because how the hell would they have found the crowbar? So again we somewhat agree that it was something paranormal.

Well to wrap all this up. The last time I ever went there was with one other guy from the group. We were walking around to our usual entrance, after midnight and the town is practically a ghost town after 10, when we notice a sign on one of the locked doors we’d never used. Saying “Keep out, trespassers will be prosecuted” Keep in mind this sign wasn’t there before and was brand new. While we’re looking at it going “well that’s new” I hear a car pull into the parking lot of the place. Well before we’re visible to it I grab my friend and we hide behind a dumpster behind the building. The car pulls up to exactly where we were and one of the PIs from earlier gets out. Anti-climatically, he doesn’t move very far away from the car and never sees us and drives off.


After that we GTFOT again and I, personally, never went back. And I don’t think any of my friends did either. We’ll that’s most of it. There was a lot of other interesting shit that happened during that whole saga, but this is super long and even though the statue of limitations is up for breaking and entering and burglary, you never know. Plus there was some worse stuff we did, but anyway.

Fun Fact: After most of this shenanigans one of us wrote about it, as fiction, and sent it to ABC as an idea for a TV show. They wrote him back asking him to write a pilot episode. I have no idea if that’s actually an accomplishment or if they tell that to everyone, but still.