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Well Since I Haven't Seen Any Posts On It Yet: New Logitech Wheels

Logitech announced today that they are releasing two new wheel controllers, as well as an optional shifter attachment.

The new wheels (G29 and G920) seem to up the quality a bit, and the brakes are apparently non-linear, although whether they are load cells or simply have a non-linear spring with G27 internals is yet to be seen.


The MSRP of 499.99 seems to put it firmly between the Thrusmaster T300RS AND T500RS models, but whether the new Logitech wheels with their helical-geared dual motors will provide better feedback than the belt-connected dual motors in the Thrustmaster wheels is yet to be tested, but we can safely assume that the Thrustmaster’s will have the edge, as the technology behind the G29 and G920 seem to be an evolution of the G27, itself no slouch, but outclassed by the two Thrustmaster wheels.

As for the new shifter (a 59.99 addition), it seems to be Identical to the G27 shifter, albeit without the buttons the G27 possessed.


Logitech has said that the wheels will be available in July, so only then will we be able to acertain what the differences are from the G27 wheel, beyond the Cosmetic ones we can see.


[Photos courtesy of Logitech.]

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