Well, So Long As He Didn't Have The Fish...

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Michael Bradley was recently waiting for his flight from Manchester, England, to Alicante, Spain, with his family when the plane was delayed for two hours because of a missing pilot

The passengers in the terminal began getting frustrated with the delay – reportedly caused by staff shortages – which prompted Bradley to step up and offer to fly the plane


Sadly, the older woman who’d been listening to him spill his guts for the last 45 minutes had already hung herself...

[...] fortunately for [the passengers], Bradley was an off-duty EasyJet pilot.

As Bradley shared about his offer to fly the plane, he said he had his flying license on him, as well as his ID.

Just don’t ask about his drinking problem

“[EasyJet] said, ‘We’ll phone you back’. Thirty-eight seconds later they phoned me back and said, ‘Please, please pretty please with a big cherry on top, can you fly the airplane to Alicante?’” Bradley told the passengers on the flight. “So if you’re alright for one of your pilots to look like this today, we’ll go to Alicante.”


A picture of the EasyJet official:

The passengers cheered at Bradley’s offer, and the group made the safe trip to Alicante.


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