Just got off the phone with the GM fleet manager and it's pretty clear that the Camaro is now my Eleanor.

First I was was supposed to have one loaned to me in June and the ignition recalls hit the day it was to be delivered. Scheduling prevented me from getting it until earlier this month when we put the ZL1 on the books. I was beyond excited to take the thing on a 6 day road trip to the Pacific Northwest and back but fate had other ideas.


Obviously the name of the individual who damaged the beautiful silver beast that was to be delivered tomorrow morning was not disclosed to me, nor was the extent of the damage. All I know is that some moron couldn't handle the power pumping from the glorious 6.2L supercharged v8 and probably dinged the car up pretty good.

It's must be bad because there was an issue with the Stingray I was loaned this past winter and the folks at the fleet company took care of it, managed to get the car to me the same day as planned. Part of me actually hopes it was a significant amount of damage because if it was something minor that would really grind my gears. Even if a loaner vehicle has a dent that most of us wouldn't look twice at, the car can't go out because they must be perfect so we get the best impression of them possible.

I'm incredibly annoyed, disappointed and frankly pissed off at the nameless, faceless person for ruining my plans to go on an epic jaunt before winter hits. Rescheduling the trip is unfortunately not an option as I have a two week shoot here in Los Angeles next month. Following the shoot I do have the 2015 Suburban and 2015 ELR lined up but will be using those for other interesting trips more suited to their "automotive aura".


I was assured that the ZL1 will be re-scheduled for me, probably for the second week of November, after I'm back from the Jalopnik Film Festival. That seems like a mighty long time from now but I'm sure it will be worth the wait.


Must stay positive on this particularly crappy Wednesday, should probably go drive the 2015 WRX sitting outside my house, might make me feel better but probably not.

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