I took the Expedition because I thought it would be fun to drive a big car for a night. After all I was picking up my Mustang the next day, so it’s not like it mattered much.

This morning a I received a text: “We need to get a part for the Mustang, it’ll be here tomorrow. Is that alright?”

Not a big deal, you might say, but I had already topped off the tank on the Expedition to return it. I drove 40 miles yesterday, and I filled up with....FOUR GALLONS?!

This isn’t fun anymore...

I thought about writing a full review, but I don’t think you all would care. Here’s a short one: This gigantic car is $51,000(!!!!!!) yet it’s cheaper inside than the Cozy Coupe I had as a kid. Much like the Cozy Coupe the brakes kinda suck.


I probably should have taken the Fusion