Well, that caps a crappy week of crap

Normally, I am happy when it rains, especially when it was not on any forecast. Especially when the state is on fire.


But not today. This week, all of my efforts and intentions have been thwarted. I went to a mediation where nothing was accomplished. I juggled my schedule to set up a settlement conference in LA, and 2 truck accidents with fire backed up traffic for miles, preventing me from getting to court. I have to go back to SF today for an industry “retreat” that I do not want to attend.

After everything I intended to acconplish this week ended in frustration and ineffectiveness, my only solace was that I was going to take the Sunchaser to SF. Warm, sunny weather was in the forecast. I woke up to rain. I think the gods are trying to send me a message.

I am definitely leaving the dumb retreat early tomorrow to get back in time for my son’s marching band competition. That is, unless there is a Kaiju attack while I am in SF and I can’t get home.

Sorry for the gloom. Hope you have a good Friday. And in the end, if this storm gets the fires under control, then bring on the rain.



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