Well that could have been bad

Finished the brakes on the explorer yesterday. Did pads and rotors on all four corners and a caliper on the front driver’s side cause the old one had a cracked Piston. After I was done drove back up to advanced Auto parts to get my core back for the caliper and noticed a weird vibration on the front driver’s side along with a bad clicking noise at speed. Drove home and went to bed cause it was dark and I figured I’d take it to the shop to get diagnosed cause it sounded like a bad wheel bearing.

Today comes and I drive it down to my father in law’s to help set up for our fourth of July barbeque with the noise getting worse and when I pull up I notice one of the lug nuts on the front is hanging on by like 3 threads. Turns out in my tiredness last night I hit the lug nuts while the wheel was still up in the air but forgot to hit them again while the car was back on the ground. Thankfully I caught it before I a) took it to get diagnosed by the shop and get laughed at or b) have a wheel fly off on the highway.

Tl;Dr always check the lug nuts

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