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Well That Didn't Take Long

Yup, that there image right there is a C7 Corvette getting cosy with a rock wall after rubbing a guardrail. One of the cars shown off in a video not long after its official unveiling, this snap of a broken blue 'Vette was given to Digital Corvettes reader gpetry, who had this to say (well, type):

Got this picture e-mailed from a friend in Arizona last week with the following description:
"Driving through some mountains in Arizona about 30 minutes ago. In some tight switchbacks when we passed this '14 Vette. Cop had just arrived. Car is in worse shape than looks. Hit guardrail on left and bounced back to rocks."

Somebody had a bad day...


Yes, indeed someone did. How sad. Oh, and I think it's obligatory to point out that the C7 Corvette was exclusively revealed by Jalopnik ages ago. Because back-pat.

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