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Well, that didn't go as planned

More personal crap to follow up the other personal crap I talked about the other day

As I mentioned here on Tuesday, I was supposed to have surgery Wednesday for a tumor. Well, on Tuesday I had a pre-op procedure to test blood flow with one of my carotid arteries occluded to measure flow. They do that by running a catheter up through your arteries to you neck and inflating a balloon to stop flow. About half way through the procedure, the balloon popped! WTF! Luckily, it didn’t tear my artery open, which is apparently what usually happens when they pop, instead it just tore the first layer on the interior. So instead, I have to rest and recover and not stroke out for a couple months, and they’ll go back and do the surgery.


So, Oppo, you’re not rid of me yet, just barely.

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