That great deal on the video card yesterday? Maybe not such a bargain after all. I used the computer briefly this morning and all was well. When I came back a few hours later I had no video. I checked cables, adapters, connections and everything I could think of, but nothing brings back the image. If I pop in my old video card, all is well.

I can return it within 30 days, but I don’t want to do that. Anticipating this situaition, I sprung for the 2-year replacement warranty for $2.49 (c’mon - I spend more than that on a cup of coffee). Now to find out how that warranty actually works and if I can get something that works for my same minimal investment. I played a little Battlefield 3 last night and was really enjoying the performance, and I don’t want to go back to what I had before. Too bad the computer is such a power-hogging space heater, otherwise I’d use it a bit more often.