If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

Well that explains a lot.

To the ol buffalo in for an inspection and to finally take care of some shit. Fir startes bad secondary air injection, which was covered by some sort of GM double secret warranty on their emissions devices. Saves 500 bucks, very nice. Finally fixing a bad TPM sensor and my vent actuator which makes a horrid knocking noise. This was all planned. What’s hot planned is the front seat bar but it makes soo much sense. Last year I lost control around a corner and it’s been kind of, um, unstable feeling for a while now but my old mechanic never found any thing. It’s been getting worse. I’d hit a bump and the car would jump to one side or the other and it felt extra floaty. So hopefully a new sway bar fixes that

All in a nice way to spend 600 bucks. Can’t wait to get her back tomorrow.


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