I guess I will not be driving the Vespa or the Sunchaser today. Nor will Toby get to go for a hike. This weather means a day spent largely inside, where I get to do work!

Just wait until later when I can tell you about the enforceability of a covenant not to compete in the great state of Utah! (I represent a software company that wants to hire a guy from a competitor but not get sued.) This is edge of your seat reading for my day. Don’t worry, I will not torture you with that particular legal adventure. At least in California, we banned noncompetes a long time ago because it is bad for the economy to restrict people’s ability to exploit their skills. Utah has restricted these deals, but this guy signed before the effective date of the law.

I also have billing to work on, which sucks, but is the only way to get paid for this shit. We were part of a team that won a huge jury trial in a case where the settlement demand was $25 million, so things are going ok.

Such is the thrilling life of a lawyer. How come they don’t show this part on Better Call Saul? (I was a criminal attorney for a while, and trust me, it is not as exciting as you think. You have to go see people in the jail a lot, and man, you never forget the smell of B.O., bad food, stale farts, and human misery.)


These wheel covers are cool, no?

I want to take the T Bird to get tires on it, but it has no air conditioning, and the driver’s side window does not roll down. It also seems silly to mount the new tires when the thing is completely out of alignment. It is as bad as the Sunchaser was when I got it, and I am going to the guy who got the Sunchaser sorted for me at the start.


I am thinking about just going and buying the tires today, then making an appointment for a wheel alignment, and have them take a look at suspension and brakes while they have it. My son will be sad because he is dying to take it out, but it is too damn hot to bake in that steel box.

Or I could just sit in the pool with a cold beer.


Yes, Phoenix, I know this ain’t nothin’, and I am a sissy.