If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

Well, that might be my problem.

I had to replace my front brake rotors, as they were warped, again, and I wanted to see what was causing a intermittent soft brake pedal. I really wasn’t planning on doing the pads, as they should be fine. The drivers side looked good, then I pulled the pads off the passenger side. Oh, My...

The outer pad looked OK, but the inner? A quarter sized piece of brake material was all that was left, and it fell out on the ground when I pulled the backing plate out. I had no squealing or grinding noises prior. I have never seen such total disintegration of a pad before. I drive my car pretty hard, but it’s not like I’m auto-crossing it. The Autozone guy down the street was greeting me by my first name by the end of the day. First for rotors, then for the pads, then back again for dust caps for the rear drums that surprisingly were missing, even though they were there when I had the drums/wheel bearings replaced at a shop about a month ago. I ended up not getting the caps, as they wanted $20 apiece for them! WTF?? The damn pads were only $26!? I’ll go to a local pick & pull and get some off a wrecked Focus. Their are tons of them at the place I go to. Now, I’ve had a few beers, some pain meds and I’m going to bed early. I’m beat.

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