If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

Well, that one will take the shine off a bit

I am sharing these with Oppo a I find them because I have not been secretive about my identity and I don’t hide from these controversies. This one is a little harsher.

She missed some key elements here:

1. Nothing in this article was ever proven. Everything they quote against me are unproven allegations in a complaint filed by my enemies. We got the case dismissed - twice - and they revived it on appeal. My side has never been told.


2. The insurance company settled this case. I would have taken it to trial. If they want to settle, and you refuse, you lose coverage. There was no reason not to let someone overpay to make this go away.

The 9th Circuit went apeshit on my case because it came up when they were in open conflict with Trump. I never had a chance of keeping the dismissal in place.


Even so, this reporter was hostile and dumb on the phone, but some of my side still got in. Considering this is San Francisco PBS, I should probably feel ok. The hack job Mother Jones did on me a while back was way worse.

Hate me yet, Oppo? This is the ugly part of my world.

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