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Well, that’s just lovely!::update::

Update:: The recently replacement rotors arrived after 5 days, but thanks to overtime at work and a few things I needed to get done around the house I was finally going to do the work today. Wanna guess how that went???

The replacements they sent are the same wrong rotors I initially received! This is in spite of the initial customer service rep telling me what part number I should’ve gotten and confirming they were in stock and available. This time I was immediately connected to a “senior customer care rep” and she promises that not only did she actually select the right part to ship, but they’re going to overnight the parts. Fingers crossed folks.


I finally got the last parts I needed to do the rear brakes and shocks on the Volt. Thank you very much torque to yield bolts that I had to special order because none of the dealers in my area had any in stock.

Everything came apart pretty smoothly. I got the new shock and shock mount installed no problem. Get the brakes apart and what’s this? The brake disc doesn’t fit!


The kit I purchased shipped with the wrong rotors. Power stop is shipping me replacement rotors, but lord knows how long that will take. At least they’re taking care of the issue though.

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