Well, that sucked.

Stolen car (according to the police who failed to catch them) ran a red taking a right turn, proceeded to use all 3 lanes to turn causing traffic to slam on brakes and swerve, I hit the white line on the median, slowed down, checked to my side to ensure it was safe to get back in the road, and the car in front of me brake checked the stolen car hard without seeing me, he came to a complete stop, I was doing probably near 30-35 and also came to a complete stop, using my face.

For what it’s worth, I spent a LOT of money on good rated gear, all ECE compliant (One of the highest ratings for motorcycle armor) and had on full gear minus riding pants, which are now on the list of things to get. Knee armor may have saved my tibia from being fractured.


Injuries aren’t the worst I’ve heard of... broken Tibia Plateau, bruised pelvis, a bruised tailbone, a bruised elbow, bruised heel, bruised ego, sprained knees, sprained ankles, sprained wrist, and a lacerated chin. No spinal/neck/back injuries thankfully.

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The bike is in similar shape, front and side fairings are toast, the stem has a ripped chunk of metal out, forks are bent, and light/cluster combo is probably toasted. Rebuilding it is probably going to happen in a few weeks once I’m actually mobile and not on crutches or in a serious amount of pain. Cops issued no tickets, no fault was given as the stolen car was not in the vicinity.

Oppo’s who ride, seriously, full face ECE rated helmet. I fucking crumpled the C-pillar of a Honda Crosstour using nothing but my face and I don’t even have a headache. My chin laceration happened when I hit the ground or their rear windshield wiper, that part happened a little to fast to remember. Armored jacket saved me from a broken arm, collarbone, or shoulder as I bounced between the car and road, and my armored gloves saved me from any worse damage to my hands. 

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