So somehow I managed to bend the rim on my F150 with the stock P235/75R15 tires. It went from driving perfectly fine when I pulled into my driveway to suddenly the steering wheel shaking at anything over 50mph when I left 2 hours later. When I had left I heard a faint ticking noise and stopped to take a look but couldn’t find anything obvious. I continued on under 50mph when suddenly the ticking got a lot louder after having stopped at an intersection...I pulled over and noticed red dust all over the front left rim. So I threw on my spare and more issues.

I took the other rim to a tire shop yesterday to see what was going on and when he put it on the balancer he had me come take a look. The wheel visibly wobbles side to side when it’s spinning and was requiring 10 oz. to balance it. I haven’t the faintest clue how this happened, I hadn’t hit any potholes or anything and like I said it went from driving fine to not while sitting in my driveway.

Damn...looks like I’m getting new rims sometime soon

Here's a much cooler version of my truck