That’s not where those parts go

Whoever makes these cheap ass replacement oil caps for O’Reilly’s neglected to apply lock tight to the nut that holds it together, thereby preventing metal pieces from falling into the moving valve train while the cap flys off allowing hot oil to spray all over the engine bay. Luckily my (oppo reader!) girlfriend is used to looking at her oil pressure gauge and topping up often since her Laser needs a rebuild and burns like a quart a month. She noticed her oil cap was not where it was supposed to be before these bastards could do any damage rattling around in there.

A ticking time bomb, reassembled.

Everything seems to be pretty much unscathed, at least to my untrained eye, so I think we escaped the engine eating itself for now at least. Honestly I’m completely amazed the little nut didn’t fall into one of the oil passages, it would totally fit. Now to glob a bunch of high temp locktite on that rascal, button up the valve cover, and use about a gallon of purple Power trying to clean this mess up.

The Richard Hammond of cylinder heads, it has 16 valves and 9 lives