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This Maclaren Senna is currently for sale at a dealer near my office Asking is $1.7M NZD, which is about 1 million US.


Original price for a base model(!) Senna was about US$1M, and a GTR $1.2M. This is an MSO one but not a GTR, so call it 1$.1M. Add in cost of capital over 2 years and the owner’s going to take a $150k bath even if he gets his asking price. Or $500/mile excluding insurance and maintenance, since it’s got only 300 miles on the clock.

Shitty time to be selling a hypercar, I guess. Though the 300 miles implies they bought it as an investment not a toy, so I don’t have a lot of sympathy.


Nice color scheme though.


Oh, and if you were thinking of buying, the dealer’s website is offering finance at just $5.5k US$ per week.

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