Hey Oppo...it's been awhile. Anyway, here is quick tale from the adventures of Automatch Tom. So I'm shopping around for a new Odyssey for a client down South. Normally I really like dealing with southern car dealers. They tend to be much more welcoming and willing to make a deal, unlike some of the "stealerships" in the northern NJ/ NY area.

So I call this dealership up and introduce myself. - "Hi my name is Tom. I'm with Automatch Consulting. Folks pay me to locate vehicles and negotiate on their behalf. They are either too busy or don't want to deal with all the back and forth. I have a customer in your area that would like to purchase a new" ...(click)


Dealership hung up on me...called back it was not an accident. Usually a place will entertain my conversation and then just flat out ignore my request for pricing. These folks just straight up...slammed the phone. I've been doing this for a long time...talked to some nasty dealers that clearly didn't want to work with me. Never had someone hang up.

Oh well, so much for southern hospitality, I guess they weren't interested in making a deal. Meanwhile their competition gave me an aggressive quote within 15 minutes of our phone call, then managed to beat another dealer by an additional $300.

(Here is a much cooler Honda for your time)

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