So this was a pretty great year for me. Finally got up the courage to start my own automotive blog and start posting my ramblings for all the internet to see. Pretty crazy that people actually liked what I was doing, so much so that I was given the privilege to post to Oppositelock and I have Tom McParland to thank for that so again, thanks Tom!

I'm happy to say that all the time I've spent treating this like a job for which I would receive monetary compensation has paid off and I will now be contributing to a well established web site of note. Which site you ask? Well I'm not ready to share that yet because I don't have my first piece published and I want to wait until it's live to share with all of you. Let's just say it's an institution and I'm truly humbled to be asked to write for them. I will continue to post on The Road Less Driven regularly and share work I've done for this other publication.


I'm not going to get all sappy but I do want to sincerely thank all the Jalop staff that have front paged things I've written and the whole Opponaut community that engages with and shares my work. It's a little corner of the internet that we all hang out in but it grows bigger everyday and I'm pretty fucking psyched to see what 2015 has in store for Jalopnik.

Here are links to my favorite stories of 2014, maybe you missed some of them, maybe you scrolled right by them so you could get to a DeMuro piece quicker but now they're back so give em a shot, you just might like em.

Cheers to you dear readers!…………………

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