Sister’s 40th birthday.

Step-brother didn’t come because there was no one to sit with his dog.

Sister, her fiance, mother, step-father and grand father, aka two special needs, two wheelchair users and a racist sexism old man.

Not feeling too well and knowing I’ll be playing ‘bus-boy’ for them all.

Sister and her fiance brought two guests as it turns out.

With more than half of them being more mental special needs it was difficult because they wanted to talk and have you full attention but others would talk over them also wanting attention, trying to keep them all calm and not argue for talking over the other while trying to not leave someone out.


My head is exhausted.

Went to grab a quiet cigar and drink a pint of Guinness, went outside by myself and one of the group was already out, argh, sat my pint down and went to grab a cigar from my pocket, the table moved and spilled all my pint, argh, then half way through smoking my cigar, several of them came out for a smoke. Argh.


I’m done in, I know they can’t help it but I feel like I’ve been out all day and not achieved anything.


The meal wasn’t even any good. 8oz sirloin steak that was limp and grey, no flavour or texture, mushrooms were fried and forgotten about, chips were clearly from frozen done in a deep fat fryer, etc...

Four Guinness’s plus one that met an untimely to end, a double rum and coke and a Scotch whisky (urgh). I’m ready to call it a day after I’ve eaten my Chinese takeaway (special fried rice and ribs), knock back my last bottle of Budvar (because the off licence/ 7-11 was closed by the time we got home).



I don’t think they could of got more ribs in there.

I really hope others had a better day.