I couldn’t sleep that much the other night and when I finally dozed off it was almost time to get up again.

Yesterday was the day of mum’s funeral. I was anxious of the funeral and mum’s family.

The cars came at 11:45 and we made our way to the chapel.

(it’s amazing how people say the stupidest things, such as why was this archway too narrow, some funeral cars ended up scuffing their tyres on the rubbing stone on the right. I just replied, ‘well it was built in 1853 and cars weren’t all that big back then’).

We went in and to the chapel which was very nice and not overly done with religious stuff, we had an ‘efficient’ presiding which is a mid way between religious and humanist, so it was nice hearing about my mum rather than gospels and the bible, etc...


Then we made our way to the graveside. I walked with some of the family while the rest took the funeral cars (turns out Mercedes Benz car are less spacious and less comfortable than the Skoda Superb).

It had been raining and the ground was a little slippery under foot (thanks mum, Lol) but here’s what it looks like under more hospitable conditions.


Mum was placed in a short distance beyond the fifth and sixth tree from the right.

Went back and had tea and coffee with the family, which it turns out I needn’t of been so anxious about.


And although everything was over in three hours and they didn’t seem long s such, it was a very hard going and exhausting three hours.

That’s one part over with, now the healing phase I guess.

Goodnight mum, sleep well. I love you. XX



Thank everybody who’s offered their support and condolences, it is greatly appreciated.