Undercharge for cleaning and repair, don’t include in deductions items that I am covering out of pocket, work hard to get the most refund on deposit as I can (and WAY more than fair) and as fast as I can so they can apply it to their new rent...and I get threatened with small claims court. Good times.

Did I mention that he was out of the place a day after contract and 30 days late on his last rent and that I didn’t and never collected late fees on rent (which was nearly every month)?


Screw renters forever. My 2 cents is that nothing will come of it, but if it does...and I hope for his sake that it doesn’t...its not going to go well for him, I have him on video during delivery accepting the place as clean and clearly showing a much cleaner place than they left me. Cmon man, do the smart thing and suck it up.