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Well, that was a useless day in court

The other side did not bend, nor did we, and the judge was not helpful. I apologized to nu client for the situation, and he said, “There is no one I’d rather be in the trenches in battle with than you.” Then on the way out of the courthouse, one of the opposing attorneys called me an asshole. This experience kind of sums up my career. I have stopped for lunch at Casa de Fruta for lunch (a local landmark on the Pacheco Pass highway).

Once I get home, I have to help get the house ready for my son’s graduation party tomorrow, which had grown to 50 people at last count.


Then I come back to court next week on this case for the class certification hearing. That is where the real shit is gonna happen. Man, I just wanna hang out with my dog.

Peter Black, Oppo’s own SV wrangler that was but is no more, is badgering me to take my bike to North Carolina in September to endanger my life with some sort of motorcycle tomfoolery that I am almost certainly too old for. I mentioned the idea to Mrs. IM in one of those “can you believe these crazy kids I talk to on line” moments, and she was like “you should go, but you’d probably need to rent an SUV instead of attaching a trailer to the GTI.”






Women are absolutely inscrutable. And now Peter is all ready for me to be there, and I am trying to talk myself out of it while running through potential road trip partners.

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