Girlfriend’s old hyundai tuscon shit the bed. It had 250k miles, rust, and after a bad day on the road, no more transmission. Or front bumper (due to a snow bank). Or exhaust (fell off before she got it, never bothered to fix). With a budget of 4000$ I went on CL and found a 2001 RX300. 170k miles, AWD, sunroof, power everything, and here’s the best part - the timing belt, coolant hoses, radiator, and accessory belts were all changed in the past 10k miles! I found the repair stickers with dates from 2016 all over the engine bay. It’s in amazing mechanical shape. Some scuffs and a small ding on the back bumper but it is amazing inside! I think the windshield and front windows are new, too.

The price for all this magnificence? 3000$. It needs tires ASAP and next year it will need brakes but all told, that’s a bargain. Of course, it drives like lukewarm tapioca but considering all she does is commute to work 3 days a week and school twice a week it fits her needs just fine. I’m going to detail it soon and put up some pics - she delivers flowers and hand-made centerpieces for weddings and formal events so she’s happy to have a classy vehicle to roll up in when delivering things.

Pic is not hers, but it looks identical right down to the bald tires.