There’s a spot on I-10 east of Lake Charles where Border Patrol agents like to sit in the median turnaround. It’s a good spot to watch eastbound traffic because it’s not far from a bridge and a curve in the highway. I’m not sure what Border Patrol is looking for there, but that’s where I always see at least one of their SUVs, usually two, sometimes more. [Edit]: I discovered that they are watching for illegals coming out of the port in Lake Charles.

I know the spot well and I usually slow down, but this morning, I wasn’t paying attention and zoomed by this spot with the cruise set on 85. This morning, a state trooper in an unmarked Charger was sitting in the median with them.



After I realized what I had done, I didn’t panic and hit the brakes. Instead, I reset the cruise down to 75 so it would slow down gradually. As I watched behind me, the cruiser pulled onto the freeway. About that time, I caught up to a guy cruising in the right lane. He had his window rolled down and was motioning for me to slow down as I rolled past. I bet that he was speeding as he went past the patrol and had slammed on his brakes to get under the limit. Since I was already coasting, I just eased by and moved over in front of him.

I was certain that the cop was going to pull me over. I wasn’t running, but I wasn’t going to admit guilt by stopping. I just figured I’d keep the cruise set to 75 and let him catch up to me. You can’t imagine my surprise when he decided to pull in behind the other guy and light him up! By the time he did it, I was at least a quarter mile ahead. I suppose that the other guy showed he was guilty by hitting the brakes and going the speed limit after that. Either that or God was watching and took pity on me. 


After that little scare, I decided it was best to slow my roll. For the rest of the trip, I kept it under 80. :)

So, heads-up Oppos! If you’re traveling between Lake Charles and Lafayette on I-10, they’re watching you!