Shouldn’t be watching Twilight Zone on my lunch breaks

I’ve been watching Twilight Zone on Netflix lately, I quite like most of these ol episodes. I think its a cool way to peer backwards into the real world as its represented, and the societal norms and worries of that generation to contrast with this one. i.e. what did people worry about then, what was the general mood. Media reflects society’s mood after all...which is why we have been so fixated on either fantasy or post apocalypse in the last 15-20 years. Put it another way...what would back to the future II look like if it was made today? It’d be a lot “grittier” and more “real”.


Anyway, a lot of these are supernatural or “what if’s” etc. Futurama nails it with their Scary Door parody. Some are just grim views into life’s dark bits.

This one, episode 30 of season 1, is brutal. You keep thinking “oh this is where the weird stuff happens to the protagonist that changes everything

Nope, just more shittiness. Like I said...brutal.

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