So the rear of the Ghia was sagging pretty bad, the driver side especially. I was hearing not great noises when I went over speedbumps and rough spots in the road. Clearly I needed new shocks. After a few minutes figuring out the jack points and where I would put the stands I had it up. Getting the wheel off was a pain because my sockets wouldn't fit in the wheel recesses. Luckily I found a specialty socket for this in a box of my grandfather's old tools.
Now I had been told getting the shocks off would be easy, I didn't realize just how easy it would be. One bolt on top, one bolt on the bottom. Comes right out, new one goes right in. Holy shit, why have I waited so long to get an old VW? Easiest auto repair I've ever done.

New ones look much better.

Riding a little bit higher now, all told it took me longer to get it jacked up and get the wheels off than it took me to replace the shocks. The whole thing couldn't have taken longer than 75 minutes.