Well, that was fairly easy...

Customer just took delivery of a 2014 Forester Touring. I started the process with them Monday, so that is a new personal record. I also learned that sometimes it is more satisfying when I don't do the negotiations but rather coach from the sidelines. This particular dealership thought they were dealing with a woman in her 4o's that didn't know what she was doing. They don't have the best reputation in the area and also aren't the sharpest knives in the drawer. But it was easier for her to buy local than drive two hours. So we used the quote from the further dealership against the local yokels, they never saw it coming....I love it when the customer calls tells me a load of BS, and I give them the ammo to catch them off guard. The customer likes it too, they feel like they have the upper hand.... And now off to the next one. :)


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