Well, that was fine (2014 VW GLI)

I swung by a dealer on my way to REI for shotgun style Christmas shopping(buying for numerous people in various parts of the store). They had a 2014 VW Jetta GLI on the lot. I’ve been trying to find the right car to compliment my 996 lately: carry 4-5 people, a roof rack when needed, and preferably an automatic so my wife can drive it.

Anyways, the positives: the thing seemed really spacious for its dimensions. The seats looked nice and felt good. The engine Had good throttle response. I liked the color and the wheels. It felt really nice for the money, way nicer than my Turbo Beetle which is only two years older.


The transmission was okay. In drive it seemed to want to get into the next gear too quickly. In manual mode there was a little delay before it would actually shift but the shifts themselves were very fast. I hadn’t driven a DSG in a while but some of the quirks with low speed driving that I hear people complain about were more apparent to me than the last time.

The whole thing felt a little too; and please forgive the car review cliche speak; it seemed too grown up or maybe just lacking in character. The soundaktor(or whatever it’s called) was pretty obvious to me. Steering was... I didn’t notice. I’m a little surprised that it felt as different as it did compared to my Beetle. It didn’t feel all that much bigger from the drivers seat but it did feel a little less rambunctious. I don’t know why, but that was just my impression.

I wanted to really like it because on paper the GLI seems like a good bet. But if I want whatever I get to keep me happy long term, then I think it’s going to need to be more entertaining.

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