Our one daughter has a bad cough, and has been waking me up a few times since trying to go to bed. After one round of coughing, I heard some loud voices outside, so I start looking out the window. The neighbor a few doors down has a teenage son, and it looks like a bunch of his friends were getting into a white Ford F-150 XTR extended cab. As I kept watching, a bunch of teenagers get into the truck while another waits for the rest of the kids to leave in a second car. The truck starts backing up, while turning - right into our van. The girl waiting yells out to stop - and the guy driving the truck does, just in time - about a foot away from our van. They then proceed to drive off, a few more kids get into the neighbor’s car, and they drive off too.

Stupid kid in the Ford truck needs to learn to drive. It’s not like our van is exactly small or easy to miss. I might have to have a word with the neighbor kid tomorrow about it.


Now my heart is still racing.  And I'm already short on sleep from our list coughing fits.

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