To make things simple, the SA22C will have to go. I won’t go into details, but let’s just say that a lot happened in the past 24 hours and that I have to put as much as possible on the side, not just for me, but for people close to me. I don’t divorce or get a kid lol, but it’s not going to be fun anyway...

That sucks. I love this car... It’s got everything: rare (12a turbo unicorn), from the most famous rotary tuner on this planet and it’s just freaking awesome to drive, albeit not that great to cruise around :)


It just makes me so sad to have to get rid of it... But it’s not cheap to run and it’s worth quite a bit here in Japan or in Australia so...

I’ll probably even start a regular job, which I haven’t had for nearly 3 years now. Wouhou!

I won’t stay without a car for long as I’ll certainly just buy a cheap Beat or Cappuccino, but still. Fuck.

And to add to the whole situation, I got a puncture on the way to Kobe yesterday, got stuck on the freeway for 2 hours and couldn’t even enjoy it on Mount Rokko as it was impossible to find 14' tires and I had to get whatever they had (econo tires that are borderline sketchy with it).


Also, don’t expect me to come by very often anymore for a little while. I’ll be rather busy very soon.


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