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Well that was shitty.

Job from today. Really neat home

My phone interview started when I was on the toilet. Actually though the interview went great, although I’m now reconsidering my enthusiasm about my businesses “great growth”. This company went from one person to thirty in two years....

I was bored so I decided to apply to every window washing position available. Literally every one set up some type of interview, so I ended up filtering them down to five that I thought were the most interesting. No real plans to join unless they offer something really nice, but it’s good to put yourself out there and stay open. I got to where I am by being open to opportunities, not through hard work. Screw that, lazyness forever.

One of them—Window Genie—is a national chain and offered me an office manager position. I’d have my very own building all to myself (small) in downtown Redmond and basically just manage a team of 6ish employees while dealing with clients on the phone. Probably manage online presence and advertising as well. Easy enough. I do all that shit now, and more. Pay isn’t fantastic, and I’m not super enthused about national companies (in this particular industry) buuuuut. Cushy office job! Lots of free time to goof off! Working from home! An office!!!!

The other good one was a new business (started 2016) that has grown to a four person managerial team with eight trucks and eighteen cleaning technicians. I spoke with the office manager over the phone, and the company honestly sounds fantastic. The starting rate for technicians is quite good for an entry level position, but a lead technician position would put me within 75% of my current earnings. That’s absolutely insane for what it is. Sounds like I could score a lead tech position off the bat, and potentially earn similar to what I am right now as a business owner-without dealing with the whole business owner thing. I’m going to talk to them about potential for growth in the company and see what happens. They mentioned bonuses, 75% Healthcare cost covered by the company, quarterly cash allotments for each technician for equipment (beyond the standard supplied equipment) commissions, and a lot of other perks. They seem to be growing incredibly fast, and I’m seriously considering hopping on and seeing how far we can go. Best part? They want to branch out into working weekends, which is ideal for me since I already have solid weekday jobs that I’d prefer to stick with for now...

Oh and if you’re wondering, I quit pizza delivery after one shift because the night manager kicked my car door and bitched about “appropriate delivery vehicles” and I didn’t think a pizza delivery job was worth risking a life sentence for murder. (Redd, if you’re reading this watch your fu*king back)


Another potential job. Insulation tech for a new company in the new construction industry. No benefits, fantastic pay. Possibly under-the-table for a few months. Company is new and owned by my best friend’s Grandfather. Said grandfather is a real estate mogul, Miata racer, and has a barn find Datsun Z that he’s restoring. Also, awesome accent. I’d be working with my friend all day, just the two of us. The best part is at any given job site, the ultimate boss of the entire project would be our insulation boss. Only issue is it’s a 9-5 Monday-Friday and I really don’t want to give up current work. Why aren’t any decent paying jobs looking for night shifts?

Oh and I got my liqueur license, and cpr certification. I don’t even know why... Just seemed like low hanging fruit to improve hire-ability.


Well. That’s my day. Maybe I’ll actually be able to afford doing my full turbo build this summer!

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