What are you insinuating, good sir?

Back story: I was in the right lane approaching slower traffic, and seeing that the left lane was clear with NO ONE IN IT for at least a mile, I merged left and began passing. Two semis and a SUV. NONE were going as fast as I was, and none of the gaps between them IN MY MIND were large enough to safely merge into.


This guy in his 2000 Accord V6 (an upgrade from the Buick Century that was previously plated... yes I ran it through the Carmax thingy) comes up behind me while I’m passing the SUV and second semi, I’m going 76ish in a 70, clearly he was going and wanted to go MUCH FASTER, so he rides my ass as I pass the last semi.


I signal when its clear for me to do so and merge back over into the right lane. 99.9% legal, minus the little bit of speeding I was doing, but required given the below 70mph the trucks and SUV were doing.

As Mr. Accord passes me he gives me and my car a dirty look. That, plus the tailgating, is the reason I flipped him off and muttered “Asshole” AFTER HE WAS WELL PAST ME, but maybe he saw it in his mirrors?


Then he does this. Full on finger-gun pointed to his head, and pulls it away in a recoil type motion.

Really, fucker? YOU are the one breaking multiple traffic laws here. Suck a dick.