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A customer’s dog actually bit me.

So I’m at a house, hi hi, how are you nice meet you, nice guy. We start walking upstairs and suddenly a dog starts barking, which is my expectation of pretty much all dogs, as some weirdo has entered the home. Immediately the owner exclaims, “Oh nooo!” Uh oh. He looks around frantically and then I feel a tug around my ankle. This hideous poodle mix has chomped down on my pants and is tugging all he can. Thankfully I wear thick baggy work jeans, else that fucker would have hit my flesh down there.


Judging by the owner’s reaction, no way this is the first time. “Oh he has a small dog complex!” Really? I’ve met countless little dogs that did in fact NOT charge at me and bite me. And this particular dog was not small. He was trying really hard to feel out if I was going to do/say anything more about his awful pooch. I went about my business.

He eventually tethered the dog, who snarled and growled and pulled every time I walked by. When the owner was out of sight of said dog, it would howl bloody murder.


That was mere inches from going completely the other direction. A bloody ankle, an L&I claim, a call to the police, a dog getting put down...

What a total piece of shit owner. That dog is coddled like a child and poor behavior is obviously never addressed or corrected.


Luckily I’ll never be back. Happy that my poorly behaved doggo just licks strangers’ fingertips!

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